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help for your mind

services offered: teleconsults via phone, facetime, zoom
for: life coaching, solution focused change, hypnosis

Dr. John H. Edgette

Clinical Psychologist (ret.)

Dr. Edgette specializes in working with adult populations of all ages, addressing almost every type of mental and emotional issue that people bring seeking change.

He is expert in brief solution focused 15 minute initial free consultation.

Discounts available for those unable to afford the full fee.

Services FREE to front line health care workers!


What I Specialize In






Behavioral Issues

Swimming Laps

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Care. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Dr Edgette is the consummate professional that employs a multitude of modalities to benefit his clients. He is genuinely invested in procuring a high level of success / resolution for and in his clients treatment. As an Emergency Room physician, I have worked both with my healthcare team and directly with patients who have Covid-19. I have seen first hand the anxiety, fear, worry, loss, loneliness, depression and issues with mortality and grief that Covid can cause. Dr Edgette’s skill set would be of benefit to anyone struggling with issues surrounding Covid-19."

Dr Amy Montgomery
Emergency Room Physician

"Dr. Edgette is a very compassionate person and an excellent listener. Most importantly he has a multitude of healing ideas and highly effective strategies that he can turn over to clients. I know of numerous people in various corporate situations, at various levels, with a variety of issues, that have benefited from his counsel. Overall I strongly recommend his services to anyone having COVID 19 or anyone struggling with the mental fallout and aftermath of this disorder."

Prasid R. Dasgupta

President, Protek Infosystems

“As a chaplain for over twenty years I have witnessed the hard selfless work given to those in need from many care givers - nurses, nurses aides, doctors, social workers, correction officers, therapists, mental health workers andother spiritual care givers.

During times of crisis self care is especially essential. Dr. Edgette would be a most valuable resource for those seeking a caring, listening ear and a healthy perspective to life. He will help you bring out your own internal wisdom and move through the heavy burdens of these days.“

Amy Luukkonen

M.Div. Chaplain

“ I know of a very many people Dr. Edgette has helped with his life coach and hypnosis skills. With his expertise healing people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, fears and phobias, his tools are likely to prove invaluable to anyone experiencing emotional issues related to COVID 19.”

Andre Markushan

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